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The HRX is a blog for human resource professionals who want to help the large companies they work for—and the HR teams they lead—stay current and viable in today’s competitive landscape. We’re devoted to leading the conversation on workplace topics like employee engagement, employee experience, recruitment, retention, and culture. We’ll explore how enterprise-level business works, how you can help your organization make money and how you keep pace with the increasing need to recruit top talent in today’s competitive job market.
We’re a brass-tacks thought leadership source for delivering relevant and timely articles on key HR topics and strategies, as well as expert commentary and insights informed by the behavioral and decision sciences. We don’t propose to cover the entire human resources industry. Instead, our focus concerns real people doing real jobs in real workplaces: defining and understanding the issues and challenges arising from the employee experience in the ever-evolving world of corporate culture, employee recognition and human performance.
Updated with original and carefully curated content on a regular basis, The HRX separates the need-to-know from the nice-to-know, allowing HR practitioners an environment for analyzing and discussing the most effective methods for building a thriving, vibrant culture and instilling their employees with a sense of motivation and purpose.
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