Ready or not, artificial intelligence is transforming HR

Science fiction has left the movie screen and entered our homes through smart devices that make our lives easier and autonomous vehicles that  and it’s now entering our workplaces. With the rise of machine learning, artificial intelligence is reshaping the HR industry. 22 percent of the highest performing HR organizations are currently implementing or have already implemented some form of Robotics Process Automation (RPA). Although the HR industry has shown strong interest in using artificial intelligence technologies, Deloitte’s 2017 Human Capital Trends report found that only 17 percent of global HR executives are ready to manage a workforce with people, robots and AI working side by side.

Artificial intelligence is improving HR by streamlining the hiring process, eliminating biased language in job listings, and assessing applicant responses to screening questions. AI is also scheduling follow up interviews and providing analytics for assessing candidates. AI is even capable of sending courteous, automated responses to candidates after their interviews.

Are organizations prepared for the influx of reskilling that’s going to be needed to meet the demands of an AI-fueled workforce? IBM predicts that 120 million workers in the world’s 10 largest economies will need to be reskilled in the next few years to adapt to an AI-driven marketplace. If companies don’t get started soon, they will risk losing their competitive edge. However, in IBM’s “Unplug from the past” report, they found that only 28 percent of CHROs expect their enterprise organizations to address changing workforce demographics will new strategies.

HR leaders need to shift their mindset to be data driven, and they need to see themselves as human teachers for the machine if they want their companies to succeed. HR leaders need to embrace the new world that we are living in — robotic arms and all. Embracing AI, and reskilling the workforce to improve the HR function, will ensure that HR leaders prepare their organization’s for changes that artificial intelligence will bring — and that will be key to the survival of many companies.

While AI capabilities continue to amaze, it cannot replace people; and the ability to attract and retain talent remains key to an organization’s success.  And nothing can replace a human gut instinct. And, as many in HR will tell you, that’s what is often key to finding and hiring the right person for the job.


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